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A Day in the Life of a Seattle SEO

by Larry Sivitz

When your search-savvy editor began exploring the world of  “Inbound Marketing,” Social Media and Conversion Rate Optimization, there were no Google+, Twitter Cards or Facebook News Feeds to optimize, no iOS or Android apps to synchronize, and a “conversion event” was a meeting with a new client on remediating Black Hat tactics. In fact, none of those terms even existed.

Before Seattle hosted its first Advanced Search Marketing Expo, or Portland its SEMpdx SearchFest, there were five agencies doing pure organic SEO in E-City: SEOmoz, SearchWrite, HayMeadows, Portent and Blue Moose, Today there are dozens of search practitioners around the Sound bearing names like Get to the Top, Point-It!, SEOGoddess and out-of-area frontier outposts like Razorfish and Distilled, not to mention the scores of in-house search professionals. 

So what’s a routine day like in the life of a Seattle SEO? Here’s an excerpted, cutaway view of “day-parted” Status Updates, analytics tracking, content creation, social media evangelism,  and the real, heavy-lifting of Search — link building.

8:00 am Morning commute. Listening to “Tech News Today” podcast streamed on the TWIT Network.

9:00 Opening email Re: Linkbuilding requests. Cool, our client’s infovideo is netting more pickups than its infographic!

10:00 Checking A/B Test Results for recent Landing Page variants, unusual bid activity.

11:00 Tracking updates on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and client blogs posted overnight. Appended URL codes feeding into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

11:30 Pre-scheduling Social Media replies on HootSuite.

12:00 Checking in for brown bag lunch with Video team on converting more client content for new content channels.

12:01 Setting up a Mobile campaign is keyed to location, day part, and temperature!

1:00 Adding SchemaLocation Markup for a Local campaign.

1:30 Helping client respond to Avvo and LinkedIn Answers with email alerts.

2:00 Using TubeMogul.com to syndicate video to 16 sharing sites.

2:15 A good read from Avinash for C-Suite data decision-makers.

2:30 Newbie client phone call. Suggested Google’s “Starter Guide” http://tinyurl.com/5ly48c

2:45 Signing up for SMX Advanced, first week of June in Seattle. never too early.

3:00 Evaluate Google Link Disavow option. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

3:10 OMG this client has 17 Google Local entries. How? OMG, misspellings!

3:20 Writing optimized press release with embedded links.

3:30 Getting clients’ Product Feeds into Comparison Shopping Sites

3:45  Testing Sitemap for errors in Google Webmaster Central

3:55 QR Barcodes as fine art? How creative!

4:00 Advising client that PPC broad match is useless for single terms. Two words also dangerous. Reserve broad match for 4, 5 or 6 word queries.

4:20 Rich Snippets rock. How can we get more clients into structured data, schema.org?

4:40 Building Negative Keyword Lists (NKL) for AdWords.

4:50 Studying the Intelligence Tab in Google Analytics http://bit.ly/bSHsjd

4:55 Renewing Certified Google Professional status. Prepping for exam.

5:00  Checking SEO salaries.  How much should I pay? Make? http://bit.ly/6ZGcMU

5:20 Updating new Images and video sitemaps. Alt. attributes? http://bit.ly/cd73CF
5:30pm Off to Seattle Social Media Club panel. Watch me on U-Stream. [24×7]

Larry Sivitz is the founder and president of SearchWrite and a certified Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search marketer.